WORTHYcrowdfunding WORTHYcrowdfunding Find out what the next economic explosions are going to be before they happen and put yourself in front of them. Wouldn’t it be wise to get the answers to those questions and many more before making a career change and investing your life savings?
Minimum Investment Required: $50,000
Ori'Zabas Scratch Mexican Grill Ori'Zabas Scratch Mexican Grill If you’re a serious entrepreneur who seeks a great franchise business opportunity, look no further.
Minimum Investment Required: $200,000
Bespeak Bespeak Opportunity for Veterans: Are you ready for an exhilarating entrepreneurial journey? Partner with Bespeak, Inc. and watch your business grow while you help other small businesses grow in your area. Bespeak partners have access to revolutionary technology, marketing best practices, invaluable mentors...
Minimum Investment Required: $30,000
Wow 1 Day Painting Wow 1 Day Painting As part of this community, you have the opportunity to define an industry. You own more than a painting company — you own a customer experience company that paints. You have the support of proven systems for success. You can take the risk and it’s a smart one.
Minimum Investment Required: $50,000
Naturals2Go Naturals2Go Naturals2Go provides a turn key program to market healthy snacks & beverages utilizing the latest in automated retail ~ better known to you as vending. Naturals2Go connects you to the lucrative market of snacks and beverages tapping into the demand for healthy options in the evolving marketplace.
Minimum Investment Required: $30,000
Universal Windows Direct Universal Windows Direct We're looking for motivated, organized, ambitious individuals. Men and women who have the ability to be both creative as well as disciplined, and able to follow a structured, proven system. No experience in the industry is needed. Our dealers are self motivated, coach-able, visionary, and have a des...
Minimum Investment Required: $75,000
One Day Doors and Closets One Day Doors and Closets We're looking for individuals w/ sales or marketing backgrounds and able to invest ($80k min.) to grow their business. No construction background is necessary. Contact us to learn more about our technology, training, and support and you could be on the ground-floor of the next multi-billion-dollar i...
Minimum Investment Required: $80,000
Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Tuffy Tire & Auto Service With over 45 years in the auto repair industry, we have a network of successful franchisees, and we pass along our cumulative knowledge and expertise to you. Turn the power of the Tuffy name and our system of doing business into your successful operation.
Minimum Investment Required: $250,000
HouseMaster HouseMaster As a HouseMaster Business Owner, you provide more than just property inspections; you give homebuyers peace of mind and knowledge to protect their greatest investment.
Minimum Investment Required: $30,000
A Place at Home A Place at Home Looking to start a business that can make a positive impact in your community? Join us today!
Minimum Investment Required: $100,000
All County® Property Management Franchise Corporation All County® Property Management Franchise Corporation All County® Property Management franchises have experienced tremendous growth during the past few years.
Minimum Investment Required: $67,000

Successful Franchise Business Owner:

I used to work over ten hours a day in the shop living paycheck-to-paycheck. Since learning how I can start my own automotive franchise business, I am making more money than ever. And most importantly, now I own the shop!
Phil Bolton
Bridgeport, Connecticut